Almost every golfer in America and possibly the world has heard of the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. This famed event brings together not only large and small merchandising companies but also attracts some of the great teachers and players of our time.

The courteous and professional PGA staff should be commended for a job well done. To observe Reed Exhibitions well-oiled team help bring this extravaganza together was truly a marvel. The symphony of highly trained professionals behind the scenes was unparalleled and their results showed it.

But, did you know there's an addition to the Show that could change a small company's future? It is called the Inventor's Spotlight. The United Inventors Association of America (UIA) representatives are an elite group of men and women, chosen to use their expertise in evaluating products for the future of golf and have more knowledge and influence than you can imagine.

Tour View Golf was awarded the Most Innovative Concept Award by these distinguished judges on January 21, 2015. Tour View was featured in Golf Week magazine and on ESPN the following day. Soon after Golf Digest and the prestigious Inventors Digest also featured articles about Tour View. Tour Views unique Portable Head and Body Stabilizer allows all levels of players from a beginner to a tour pro to see how much they move and in what direction during the golf swing. It also gives the player the ability to adjust spine angle with one simple step.

Tour View has now moved on to the finals for Shark Tank and West Texas Investors Club. Over 300 colleges and universities along with 49 players on the PGA Champions Tour are currently training in Tour View products.

If you have an invention or product you are contemplating putting on the market, I highly recommend the PGA Merchandise Show and the Inventors Spotlight.

I had the honor of speaking with some of the UIA judges after the PGA show. Their knowledge and insight is invaluable. Their kindness and willingness to help incubate our small business and new invention will be treasured forever. Since the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show business is booming!

The Jones Family and Tour View owe our deepest gratitude to the PGA and to the distinguished UIA judges that presented Tour View with this award.


The Jones Family

Mike, Teri and Kurstin