Inventor Zone

Showcase your Invention at the 2013 Global Pet Expo

All Exhibitors Receive

  • High profile exposure for your invention
  • Feature in the Aftershow Presentation
  • Opportunity to earn special Inventor Awards
  • Access to UIA educational seminars

What's The Inventor Zone?

About the IZ

There is no better way to introduce your invention to the Pet Industry than through The Inventor Zone destination at the Global Pet Expo. The Inventor Zone consolidates Independent Inventor into one place, making it easy for companies to find fresh products for sale or license. Inventors have unparalleled opportunities to demonstrate their products and network with industry execs in this high traffic area dedicated to new products.

Who Should Submit

The new product you submit should fall under these categories:

  • Pet-related inventions
  • Supplies (pet beds, collars, leashes, oder control, crates, grooming, toys, etc)
  • Food (bowls/feeding, food, treats, etc.)
  • Aquatic Health (flea/tick, dental care, supplements)
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Small Pets

When & Where

The Global Pet Expo takes place:

  • Where: Orlando, Florida
  • When: March 12 – 14, 2014
  • At: Orange County Convention Center
  • Info: 202-857-9730

Benefits of an Inventor Zone Booth

Product / Booth Exposure

A booth at the Global Pet Expo “Inventor Zone” brings the right people directly to you, all in one place over the course of a few days. Retail buyers, companies looking for products available for sale or license, product sourcing specialists, and many other industry professionals will converge on the Inventor Zone with the intent of finding new products.

Special Inventor Events

The Global Pet Expo works with its partners to provide creative ways during the Show to bring Exhibitors extra product exposure. Special inventor awards presented at public ceremonies and private pitch sessions with industry executives are just two examples of special events held to improve your chances of success.

AfterShow Presentation

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to include your invention in the AfterShow presentation, which consolidates the products exhibited in the Inventor Zone into one master presentation. This presentation is made available to the thousands of companies that either exhibited or attended the Global Pet Expo show that may not have seen your product during the show itself. Huge value!

UIA Education Seminars

Exhibitors receive complimentary access to educational seminars sponsored by the United Inventor's Association (UIA). Industry experts cover a wide range of subjects that inventors need to know in order to succeed with their inventions. The opportunity for you to learn from experts is unsurpassed and many inventors have said that the education and advice alone were worth the cost of exhibiting.

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